Extra-marital relationship: what to do when romantic feelings get involved?

Extra-marital relationship

From date to date, you experience feelings for your lover/mistress. Should you break up immediately? Franck Ancel, psychoanalyst, enlightens us on the subject.

Many women, but also men, live adulteries, which sometimes evolve into real love stories. The question then arises of questioning his couple and his family life. The psychoanalyst Franck Ancel delivers some answers.

An inventory

“The birth of feelings of love is the opportunity to rethink your relationship as a couple, either to strengthen it or to question it, even if it means questioning your relationship with your lover / mistress, underlines Franck Ancel. This situation can be an opportunity to put love back at the heart of your life and see which side love is real.” With the official or the lover/mistress? This allows you to regain a new dimension of love and more specifically sexual. “It’s not about being moral but about finding yourself with your official or unofficial partner, to take stock of yourself.”

Talk about

You can never tell your husband/wife everything and the important thing is to keep the trust that has been built up over the years together. Similarly, at the unofficial, you have to stay true to what you said to yourself during the meeting. ” It is important to remember the values, the expectations . There may be a pact to weave with his lover/mistress.”

End the relationship?

Unlike the Rita Mitsouko song, “Love always ends badly”, one can imagine that love can allow you to accept everything and let yourself be carried away by the feeling of love. The question is how to protect yourself. “It all depends on his story, for some people it’s a first time, for others it’s common. The way to act also depends on the balance of his story, his relationship to the feeling of love and to compose with. Then we decide to stop the extra-marital relationship or the official one.”… full article

These are the things that singles like most on their first date

These are the things that singles like most on their first date

The first date is coming up and you want to show yourself from your best side. The first impression is crucial here. But which behaviour is particularly popular when getting to know each other? A study provides information.

He actually pays the bill on the first date – the man , the woman, or is the bill split? The question arises over and over again and everyone sees things differently: While some find it a nice gesture to be invited, others insist on their independence. So what’s the best way to act?

As part of a current survey by the market and opinion research institute YouGov , 1,335 singles (women and men aged 18 and over) in Germany were interviewed on behalf of customers . The aim of the survey was to find out which things go down particularly well when you first get to know them. It turned out that the majority likes it more classic. You will find out what exactly is meant by this after you answer the following question:

What’s the perfect place for a first date?

Young-woman-exiting-taxi-cab-London-EnglandHolding the door open is not a must, but it attracts attention
Even if it sounds a bit old-fashioned: Women in particular still seem to prefer classic gentlemanly behavior. Overall, 44 percent of those surveyed said that although it was not absolutely necessary to open the door, move the chair closer or take off your coat, it did make a good impression. For 13 percent, such gestures are very important.

With heterosexual women, these classic gestures are still crucial when getting to know each other, according to the survey. More than half of them stated that they rate it as very positive if, for example, their partner pays the bill. The older the single women get, the more important a courteous behavior becomes. Only every fifth woman thinks these dating patterns are outdated, but eleven percent don’t care.

The traditional ideas of how to behave on a date are rather unimportant for men: around 28 percent consider them to be out of date. Only one in three believes that they make a good impression on women – and yet they do not consider them to be particularly important.

Sabine Schöler, who commissioned the survey and CEO of the online partner exchange LemonSwan, believes that many people still perceive the courtship of women by men as positive, even if it is not a must, reflects the zeitgeist:

CEO Lemon Swan

When it comes to a relationship, many want a partnership on an equal footing

when it comes to relationshipWhile many still find a certain gap in the potential partnership sexy when they get to know each other, it looks a little different in a steady relationship : Only four percent of the respondents state “classic role distributions” as a wish for a partnership – but 33 percent want a partner Eye level.

Only one approval rating is higher: that for a long-term relationship. That is what 39 percent of singles in Germany would like when they think about a partnership.

Conclusion: If you date a woman as a man, the likelihood is relatively high that she will at least not hold your gentlemanly behavior against you. But if it becomes more, eye level is the order of the day – and the intention is to stay together for a long time.… full article

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Political matters that are important to people on Tinder

Political matters that are important to people on Tinder

Only a few days until the general election – this is not only causing debates among friends. A poll of Tinder users shows that politics is pretty important to them. But how far do the ideals go when it comes to sex, love and relationships?

When the “Fridays for Future” movement reached its climax in 2019 – before the corona pandemic brought about a temporary end to the large-scale demonstrations to save the climate – a poster slogan got it pretty straight to the point: “I want a hot date and not a hot one Planets “. Indeed, the issue of climate protection is extremely important for users of popular dating apps. According to a user survey by Tinder in the summer of 2021, saving our planet is the most important political issue and plays a role in partner choice.

More than just a trend?

The users at competitor Bumble also put the topic in first place. This dating trend was christened “Thunberging” in reference to Greta Thunberg. But let’s be honest: Is it really just a trend when it is just important to you that the potential partner has a little interest in ensuring that the earth continues to do well? Certainly not. So it is hardly surprising that the search for Mister or Misses Right is somehow also a political one.

But first of all a question for you:

Could you imagine being with someone who has completely different political views?

In the run-up to the general election, politics is becoming increasingly important for dating apps

imagine being with someone who has completely different political viesAccording to the Federal Returning Officer, 14 percent of all eligible voters in this election are under 30. Exactly the target group that is increasingly active on dating apps such as Tinder , Once or Bumble. According to a Tinder poll, 72 percent of users in Germany said they would vote on September 26th. 21 percent were still undecided. In addition to climate protection, the most important political issues for most of them include education, LGBTQ rights as well as feminism and sexism.

It is no coincidence that the online dating platforms take up these topics – for many, they are a criterion for whether a date really comes after the right swipe. Naomi Walkland, Vice President Marketing at Bumble in Europe, emphasizes how important this factor can be:


There are stickers on Bumble and information on Wahl-O-Mat on Tinder

Dating-apps-2018At Bumble, for example, users can use stickers to make their political views visible more directly in the profile – this option is actually used quite often, surprisingly especially by older users. There are also considerable regional differences : almost half of those who state their political convictions in the form of stickers come from Berlin, followed by Essen, Hamburg, Cologne and Frankfurt.

Charlotte Nutzhorn has also had this experience. The 18-year-old is on the district board of the Young Liberals in Berlin-Mitte and does not hide her political commitment in social networks , but does not peddle her party affiliation on her Tinder bio. After moving from Halberstadt in Saxony-Anhalt, she quickly realized that political moods play a bigger role in the federal capital than perhaps elsewhere. Most of the people in their hometown were rather apolitical.


Cute Couple Meetinf on dating appsThe market leader in online dating, Tinder, on the other hand, relies more on information about the upcoming election in order to pick up on the political commitment of its … full article