Extra-marital relationship: what to do when romantic feelings get involved?

Extra-marital relationship

From date to date, you experience feelings for your lover/mistress. Should you break up immediately? Franck Ancel, psychoanalyst, enlightens us on the subject.

Many women, but also men, live adulteries, which sometimes evolve into real love stories. The question then arises of questioning his couple and his family life. The psychoanalyst Franck Ancel delivers some answers.

An inventory

“The birth of feelings of love is the opportunity to rethink your relationship as a couple, either to strengthen it or to question it, even if it means questioning your relationship with your lover / mistress, underlines Franck Ancel. This situation can be an opportunity to put love back at the heart of your life and see which side love is real.” With the official or the lover/mistress? This allows you to regain a new dimension of love and more specifically sexual. “It’s not about being moral but about finding yourself with your official or unofficial partner, to take stock of yourself.”

Talk about

You can never tell your husband/wife everything and the important thing is to keep the trust that has been built up over the years together. Similarly, at the unofficial, you have to stay true to what you said to yourself during the meeting. ” It is important to remember the values, the expectations . There may be a pact to weave with his lover/mistress.”

End the relationship?

Unlike the Rita Mitsouko song, “Love always ends badly”, one can imagine that love can allow you to accept everything and let yourself be carried away by the feeling of love. The question is how to protect yourself. “It all depends on his story, for some people it’s a first time, for others it’s common. The way to act also depends on the balance of his story, his relationship to the feeling of love and to compose with. Then we decide to stop the extra-marital relationship or the official one.”

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